For any appointment to meet officers or representatives, please call or email the office in the first instance.

Chair Rebecca Staatz
Vice Chair Pete Barrett
Secretary Gareth Gough
Minute Taker Kim Bown
Treasurer Sophie Hunt
President Pat Hammond
Membership Co-ordinator Pat French and Jenny Herd (job share)
Recruitment Co-ordinator Domenico Hill
Education Co-ordinator Julia Elliot
Equality Co-ordinator Pete Barrett
Young Members Co-ordinator Jenny Herd
Health and Safety Co-ordinator Steve Bridges
Welfare Services Co-ordinator Carolyn Mckinnon
Retired Members Co-ordinator Marilyn Knights
Communications Co-ordinator Beth Smith
International Co-ordinator Vacant Post
Environmental Co-ordinator Vacant Post
Labour Link Co-ordinator Gareth Gough
Union Learning Representatives Sarah Tauwhare

Surekha Agarwal

Vacant Posts

Stewards Jacqui Perry, Pat French, Pete Barrett, Domenico Hill, Gareth Gough, Beth Smith, Jack Hazeldine
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